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Name: Rith Kain
Species: Twi'lek
Gender: Male

Appearance: White-Grey Skin colour, Two head tails hang forward over shoulders, red-purple eyes, and wears a black and brown jedi robe.
Age: 18
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 194 lbs

Affiliation: Rebellion
Job: Jedi Knight
Homeworld: Ryloth

At a young age, moved to Coruscant with his family. Once there, he trained in the jedi arts, under master Yoda, and Master Windu. Away during the Empire's attack, on a mission to Dagobah, he returned to Coruscant to find his slaughtered jedi companions. His ultimate goal is to restore peace to the universe, and to destroy the Sith, once and for all.

Last 5 years:
After fleeing from the empire, and escaping, Rith settled on the outer planet of Dagobah, alongside Master Yoda. Years passed, and Rith's force abilities began to diminish. After leaving Dagobah, he fought against the empire on several occasions, before disappearing again. He now returns to Ryloth, to help free his race from the control of the Empire...

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