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Star Wars all the way, I don't think any st starship has shields stronger than the shielded planet of Alderaan wich was blown up by a single superlaser blast from the Deathstar. furthermore those 1 weapon armed st ships don't stand a change against the thousands of turbolaserbatteries of the SW Star Destroyers (or any other capital ships like the fed's driodcontrol ship and those MC Cruisers) furthermore SW has a much bigger army and if we run out of troops we just build some more Superbattledroids or clone some more Clone-Troopers. And off course we can always send in some Jedi in st they don't have any knowledge of the force so they won't know what hit them. They will most likely try to fire on the Jedi with vasers but our Jedi will bounce them back with their lightsabers so in fact st will kill itself. BTW nobody has metioned yet that protorps can penetrate the shields of a ship, that is why they used protorps to blow up the first Deathstar. To destroy those trekkie ships we can also send in Jedi Starfighters. but it will most likely be our against the st polyester guys (or was that gays) and are produced at a significant faster rate than those gays
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