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Re: Biography

Name: Andrew Past
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Height: 6' and growing
Weight: 170lbs.
Place of birth: Naboo
Profession: Rebel Commander/Rebel Pilot/Jedi Knight
Skill: Very good pilot, and a very good shot with a blaster, although he mainly uses a lightsaber.
Appearnce: He may be young but he looks a few years older. He is very tall for his age, and has brown hair, and green eyes
Backround: Although a very young Rebel, let alone being a pilot and commander, but he proved his skills at a very young age. Many Rebels feel uncomfortable taking orders from a 14 year old but soon feel comfortable after a while. His parents were also Rebels and were killed in a big battle and all the childern, including himself, were captured, and were taking to a camp, where he organized the rest of the childern and overtook a couple of gaurds while they were brining meals, Andrew was the leader of the group, and he was an excelent shot and he helped all of the childern escape by stealing an imperial shuttle and he was a great pilot, and he trained to be a Jedi mostly by himself, but he was trained a little by other Jedi at first. He proved himself again when as a newly recruited rebel solider/pilot, he infaltrated an imperial base with the rest the infaltration team. The team ran into a trap and the teams commander was killed, and Andrew took command once again and made the mission a success and he led a group of X-wings to take down a imperial base, and many Tie Fighters. At present time he is a Captain, and people are very impressed withe his skills, and he is also pretty decent with his blue lightsaber, which he maitians frequently.

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