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*Rwos's com crackles to life.... Deac... no.......somewhere else.... he begins a trace*

Uknown: Well, it looks that that engagement wasn't a total loss. I did get one of you.......

*It dawns on Rwos... CRACKEN!*

Cracken: oh yes, this is I, the Sith..... it's unfortunate you cannot feel the Force, you would prove to be a wonderful apprentice i'm sure. But, we'll never know, shall we. *tsk, tsk* you outer dimensionals could not even fanthom the power you fail to tap.... or maybe not... my scientists are hard working people you know. we could... enhance you....
But enough, soon, you shall all be dead, and i shall retake this galaxy in my fathers name. the Palpatine line shall once again be at the throne, and your pitiful Rebellion shall be crushed.

Ta, ta.

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