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ADMIRAL CRACKEN!!! How in seven hells? You WORM! What have you done?!?

*but the message has ended. However, Rwos' fighter has managed to trace the source...

Unable to stand the sight of Deac's graveyard any longer, Rwos punches his ship into hyperspace, on the trail of the Sith.* I WILL find that Sith admiral. And if I do one thing before I leave this dimension, it will be to kill him!

Meanwhile, back at the Cantina...

*A young man dashes into the Cantina, looking out of breath. He is dressed in a mercenary's clothes, but his face doesn't convey the slimey look associated with that profession. He looks panicked as he rushes into the bar.*

"I'm looking for Deac Starkiller! I need his help!"


((OOS: Someone is in need of Deac Starkiller's help...but is Deac alive to provide it? What will happen to Rwos, on a suicide mission to destroy the Sith Lord Cracken? What about the rest of the Cantina crew...what will they do if Deac is no longer alive?

Is Deac Starkiller dead?

Find out in the next epic thread of The Cantina!

Deac, would you care to do the honors? ))

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