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Full Throttle and ESS

A user e-mailed me in desperation the other day after tech support from ESS and LEC fell kinda flat. I am pasting some of the e-mail here in the hopes that someone with Full Throttle and an ESS sound card will read it and be able to help get this guy's sound working.


In a nutshell: I don't get Full Throttle's sound running. If don't want to
or aren't able to help, you best stop reading now and delete this mail. Thank
you for your time, anyway.

Since you seem to like this game rather heavily I thought you might have
encountered similar problems when changing your system. As for me: I missed Sam
& Max and Full Throttle completely because I couldn't afford the required
hardware, back then. Now I'm trying to fill the gap by THE LUCASARTS ARCHIVES.
The Dig, for example, runs without a hitch but with Full Throttle the sound
card installation always aborts. Neither LucasArts nor ESS Technologies could
(or really wanted to) help me

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