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If you didn't notice on EPII the clones are geneticly manipulated AND they come from Jango Fett Boba's daddy so they do know how to use their weapons for the best effect. Furthermore the Alderaan Shield isn't the same shield as on Coruscant but more like the shield form Hoth in EPV, but the shield doesn't matterfact is that the Deathstar can destroy any planet with a single blow and those vasers can not (saw them drilling with vasers in the tv show once, almost tried to kill myself by activating my lightsaber in the wrong direction, but my VCR remote control was closer and I had SW in the VCR so I just watched SW and I wasn't depressed anymore). I haven't figured out why the SW blasters use gas AND energy (the colored light, otherwise we wouln't see them now would we) but if you increase the energy enough in a real laser (can cut through metal) you would be able to cut through anything eventually, so the only reason I can think of why they also use gas is that with that gas you get the same effect using less energy. But since they do use energy and the Jedi can deflect them it would be logic if Jedi also can deflect the purely energyweapons of st. Furthermore st vasers are only called vasers because they are more powerfull than lasers wich is only archived by increasing the energy the thigh uses, now in SW they probably didn't change the name while they increaded the energy, so you can only tell whether they are more powerfull by looking at the thighs they can destroy so Deathstar CAN destroy a planet while the fedships can not. BTW i've read that the Deathstar is also armed with 15000 turbolasers and the DeathstarII with 20000 so they do have thousands of turbolasers. I don't really know what you mean by particle shields but if it means that nothing you can touch can get through SW does have particle shields, remember the Battle of Endor in EPVI Lando Calrissian couldn't enter the Deathstar in the first run because he knew Han hadn't disabled the shield yet. He aborted the attack because else the would crash onto the shield meaning thet the shield can stop ships since Lando flew the Falcon in there once the shield was down, so there goes your the can fly through shields, you don't see this much because SW shields are directly on the ship while in st they are away from the ship. With your thing about handgun quality you are probably right about the fact that handvasers are more deadly that SW handguns because SW handguns only blast holes in a body an st makes the body dissapair, but I still don't think they can blow up an AT-AT and SW guns get the job (kill) done, wich is what matters. SW also has more types of handguns, while st has pistols and rifles SW has pistols, rifles and repeaters (wich are some sort of machine guns) to represent the most important handguns. I also haven't seen any grenades on st while in SW they use thermal detonators (EPVI where Leia comes to Jabba with Chewie, she holds a thermal detonator, and V where Luke opens the AT-AT with his lightsaber and throws one in) . I also haven't seen any ship using more than 1 gun at the same time. Haven't seen it here but sometimes they compare SW torps to st torps but that's wrong to do because SW torps are starfighter/starbomber weapons, used for precise attacks on valuable ship parts (shieldgenerator and that sort of stuff) while st torps are carried by the big ships and used to destroy the entire ship, just like the big vasers, where SW big ones only use turbolasers and the Deathstar uses its Superlaser, comparing the torps with each other is therfor like comparing a modern machinegun with a modern cruiser, they are used for different things.

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