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Originally posted by DannyJAllTheWay
OMFG, you're all post boosters. We get that this is a bad post. No need to reply. Next thing for you to do is to call me a post booster by replying too. I have to tell you guys that you are post boosters. I'll delete this after you guys have seen it.
as =SSC=Kal-El seems to have done his duty, this is just evidence that you posted

I on the other hand am here to ponder the wonder of .

*ponders .*

*ponders deeper about .*

*trys to express his fealings about . and fails*

*trys again: its,,, round and all,,,, dot like,,,,, . wow . so simple,,,*

*comes to grip with the fact that there is no way to put into words what he feals about the wonder of .*

*says "screw it all!" my brain will implode if I think any harder.*

*AGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!! there it is again! after 'harder.' AGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!! again!!!! OH CRAP!!!! its at the bottom of this too "!" AGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!*

*remember that head imploding thing? I was wrong: (oh **** theres TWO of them) *

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