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Originally posted by obi-wan13
I dont know why we are still arguing this, but let me throw some gas on the flame.

Star Trek Ships are made with new, good technology, while in Star wars, It was from a long time ago, which means piece of junk.

But as i said, i enjoy both trek and wars.
Huh? That's a very strange argument...

None of you seem to know much about Star Wars technology...even you, Beastmaster. Star Wars ships do indeed have ray and particle shielding. And if you want to see top of the line missiles, watch Episode II. Snubfighters, like all Rebel craft, had really pathetic and ancient targeting computers and torpedoes. Imperial things shown in the films were minimalist. If you want to see top-of-the-line technology, I'll be happy to point out Slave One to you. (And I'd assume Jedi could deflect or absorb phasers, since they can suck up lightning.)

That said, neither ST nor SW have incredible focus on realism. There's many, many things in ST which are pure bull and/or technobabble. And SW isn't perfect either. Since when can you hear sound in space?

And why on earth would there be a combined effort between the Jedi, the Empire, and the New Republic to destroy the Federation ANYWAY?????

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