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Thought of those options, and decided they're no good Won't use :: or : both due to other languages' grammars and because it's not really easy to type, as '-' is. And I really don't want to make the language too much a mix of everything else - we have language outthere, that pretty much make sense syntactically and semantically - no use in creating another bastard language (such as Visual Basic). I've already learned in the proximity of 30 languages - human and programming ones (and I'm one of those people who really prefer not spending time at the computer :P), and I personally don't feel like making a huge leap to learn one more

Of course, some kind of mix will have to be done, but it'll take time. Guess I have plenty of time to think about it now that it's Summer and SCUMMBag is on hold to allow my real life to exist

- Serge
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