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*Deep in the heart of space, somewhere beyond the Outer Rim, a massive group of star ships could be seen. Upon closer, inspection, it's a grand Imperial Fleet... the entire Remnant fleet and then some. Some being a Super Star Destroyer, the Titan, and her escorts, it was much like the old days of grand Imperial might.

The time was now.
Tojo walked up to the command chair on the Titan , Cracken sitting in it*
Tojo: My lord, the fleet is assembled, our destination?
Cracken: Mon Calimari.
Tojo: yes, my lord.

*The fleet entred hyperspace. hours later, it appeared over Mon Calimari, destroying all resistance. the first Imperial strong hold. The Battle for Mon Calimari was short, the Calimari people and thier ship yards were no match for the fury of the TIE Defenders and the new TIE Vultures. Over the course of a few days, the Calimari ship yards were converted to produce Star Destroyers, and a new Super Star Destroyer was started, the Vengence.

Cracken smiled. he would retake every inch of this Galaxy, or destroy it...
Leaving a sizeable defense force behind, he began what his father requested. His grand tour of the galaxy, spreading his grand fleet to subjugate and control. His armies landed, taking cities and planets in thier wake. Kessel, Nal Hutta, All across the Outer Rim, planets one by one fell to the Imperial Armed Forces. The last planet to fall was Tatooine. Imperial troops landing, Closing on teh Cantina in Mos Eisly.
Cracken, in orbit over the planet, waved to Tojo. he noded, and gave the helm instructions. Head Core Ward.
The fleet again, entered hyperspace. The Shadow of the Empire once again fell over the Galaxy. AT Corellia, CorSec scrambled what defenses they had, but it wasn't enough. The Imperial Fleet was too large. Corellia surrendured, two cities bombed, and thier Security force all but gone.*

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