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Around the cantina, as Katani's CRED was sliced apart and rendered uselsess, cloaked heads begin to look up. The commotion is more than enough to draw the attention of everyone in the bar, yet this group of beings all look extremely similar. Their steely grey skin, their protruding jaws. Hailfire gets it first.

Starr Hailfire: Those are Noghri...

Chass: Well, I see I can't get anything by you, now can I? Yes, that's right. You see, that little introduction that was just given was for the sole purpose of distracting everyone so that these friends of mine could get into place.

It becomes obvious now, as the Noghri shake off their cloaks, that there are more than the group in the middle can deal with. Twelve of them are arranged in a loose circle, and from the number of guns poking through aiming holes, there were at least five more behind closed doors.

Katani: You must understand, Deac Starkiller, that you are a wanted man. Your exploits are famous throughout the galaxy, and into places beyond, and many people want you dead. Including the ruling nobles of Kuat. This "person" that I just fried was really a droid...well mostly. He did have some living parts to him, so I guess you'd call him a cyborg. But he'll never be missed. He was hardly even sentient, just made to look so. So, unless your friends believe they alone can take on the significant number of Noghri here, as well as the fleet in orbit, I 'd suggest you surrender. You, I must bring back alive, but your friends won't be so fortunate should they resist.

The question hung silent in the air for a moment, as everyone awaited Deac's answer.

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