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*Corzip keeps running threw the streets*

Rwos? is that you? yes it is me Corzip.. i would like to ad a little worry here. I just saw some of those creatures again. and i think they are in control by the Sith we encountered here. i think we better go and take a look see.

*a giant roar came from behind Corzip. Corzip kept running and glansed behind him.
He stopped. on the comlink he heard Rwos shouting for what was going on.
Corzip tuned around and stared into the dark streets behind him.
He tried to sense what was out there.
suddenly the ground started shaking and he felt big hits on the duracrete. as if a giant thing walked out there.
Out of the shadow. there was that queen creature. but this one looked different. all around her legs there were the creatures that attacked them earlier.
than a giant roar. but it didnt come from the queen. it was something el;se. to his right. out of the shadows. another queen apeared. also different then the others. and again all sorts of creautures around her feet.
then on his left. 10 shadows of humanoids apeared. all wearing black cloakes. The sith.
Corzip quickly put his comlink up*

I can be very spesific about my situation... but im gonna say one word:
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