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Originally posted by Heavyarms
*me and R6 walk quietly out of the store, while I deposit the credits on the counter.*

"Ok, R6. The two bickering idiots are eets'chula and {fergie}, and the funny furry thing thataway is Nasina'k. The other one is Crunchy, I think. And there is protector one, whatever his name is.
Geezes Man! I'm a Kubaz. Think Garindan in Mos Eisly. I'm wearing a black cloak and hood and have on red goggles. I have a longish snout and leathery skin, no fur.

I turn to my wookiee companion and point to nearby building. "Lets try that place over there," I say as i start walking over to it.

Peace is but a shadow of death,
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And though we hope for promising years,
After shedding a thousand tears,
Yesterday's sorrow constantly nears.

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