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*Cracken watches as his fleet is being dismantled by the Kuat Defense Corps new weapon. His anger boiled*

Cracken: TOJO, Enter Hyperspace IMMEDIATLY to Coruscant.

Tojo: My lord, it's too early, we cannot retri...

Cracken: The Force will aid us. My Fathers project will be operational, and in our hands, the KUAT will pay DEARLY for thier treason!


*Tojo, now fearing for his life, nodded at the helm. The Mighty Imperial fleet now move to exit vector, and left the system.

Coruscant. Space lanes were crowded today, as the Republic was providing security check points. The latest Imperial Surgence gave alot of people reason to conduct anti-republic terrorist activities on the Capital world. However, they were not ready for this.
Near the third moon of Coruscant, the Imperial fleet exited hyperspace, in a defensive array. The massive starships went into a sphere formation around the moon, as if something dear was on it.*
*Cracken tapped a panel on his command chair aboard the Titan, and spoke*
Cracken: Engage protocal 9714, confirmation, Crimson Star.
*The Massive Super Star Destroyer engaged it's engines, it's helm paniked. they didn't touch the controls! They look at thier lord, only to be shocked as they saw him smile.
A collision course had been set for the moon.... just when it looked as it was going to crash, the moon surface... moved. Like a giant docking bay. It opended up, and swallowed teh Super Star Destroyer, then closed.

An un manned station aboard the bridge suddenly sprung to life, and a team of scientist suddenly were on the bridge, and rushed to it. They looked at Cracken*

Hojo: My Lord, teh Crimson Star is in perfect condition. Engage the Magnetic fields, and the anti-matter generator?

*Cracken nodded, and Hojo pressed the control panel.
Suddenly, teh entire ship shook for a second, as the power magnetic generators kicked in. the lights flickered, then resumed. Outside, lights begain to flciker on, and a massive Generator could be seen. The Crimson Star's Anti-matter generator, it's magnetic field generator, and the power core. The combined mass filled the empty armored shell. the crew was amazed.

From teh outside, the Entire moon surface changed. it's largest crater recesed, and moved revealing a large cannon device. the anti matter launcher. More craters moved, revealing turbolaster, laser, and missle launchers. Three craters moved, revealing mobile tracking Superlasers. Suddenly, the moon began to turn! It rotated on it's axis, and came to bear on the Second Moon of Coruscant. It's Anti-Matter cannon flickered, then fired a deadly missile, no larger than a pen, at the moon.

Silence, the entire planet held thier breath.

A flash of light, so bright the entire planet was enguled in white. when the white cleared, the moon was gone. Across the moon side face of the planet, a massive shockwave could bee seen heading toward the planet. People panicked, running for thier homes, hoping for protection in thier feeble city. The shcok wave hit the upper shields, resounding a large boom, which destroyed several windows. it broke through, hitting the Lower shield, only to be dissapated. Coruscant's shields were out.
The Army scrambled for an invasion, but it never came. The Crimson Star, it's fleet, entered hyperspace.*

*Kuat. The kuati's were reveling in thier victory, when suddenly, a massive contact was seen on thier scopes. They saw teh Crimson Star for the first time. Panic set in, as they saw that a superlaser was pointed in thier direction.
A green laser eminated from the moon, destroying the Last Chance.
It tured it's Anti-matter cannon on the largest Moon colony of Kuat, and fired. Just like Coruscant, the moon dentonated in a briliant white flash, and the resulting shockwave actually struck the planet, cutting through several cities, leveling them. clouds of smoke and dirt could be seen from where the shockwave hit. the death toll was catastrophic. The cannon again, fired, this time directly at the planet, heading straight for Kuat's capital city. it hit. only the planet destroying blast was not created. a smaller detonation, destroying teh Kuati capital building, along with 7 blocks of city.

Kuat surrendured. The Empire had thier shipyards back.*

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