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*Cracken was on the bridge of the Titan, which was nestled inside the large super weapon. The Crimson Star worked perfectly. Kuat's surrender was nothing more than sucess. The viewports now were view screens, a hard line feed from cameras nestled in the weapons surface.*

Tojo: My lord, the Kuat surrendur is complete.

Cracken: Good! good. prepare the internal defensives. we will be expecting a visitor. in the meantime, prepare for a galactic boardcast via Holonet. I must address my new subjects.

*Cracken stood up, and walked to a Holo camera. a tech pointed at him. He was on.*

People of the galaxy. I am Dark Lord of the Sith Cracken, son of the late Emperor Palpatine. It was my fathers last request of me to regain what he lost so many years ago. the mighty Empire.

My father was misunderstood. he didn't want just power. He wanted peace. His system was a way to give that peace to the people, to stop such bickering and they fuedes in the burocracy that was the Old Republic. Even you new Republic suffers this very bickering in the new Senate. With me as Emperor, i shall put a stop to it.

Long gone are the old idealologies of my father, that non-humans are inferior. I embrace the non-human populace. my leading Admiral is a Chiss. My General, a Rodian. My science team hails from every corner of the galaxy, from every walk of life. In my rule, no non-human shall ever suffer the injustices that my father let happen. As my first act of Emperor, all persons or non-humans practicing the act of slavery of any species shall be imperisoned immediatly. No longer shall the Outer Rim be a haven for cheap free labor.

So, my people, rest easy. The galaxy is now a safer place to live.

*The tech turned off the camera, and saluted. Cracken smiled*

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