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Name: Vaynard Kurrigan
Race: Twi'lek
Gender: Male
Profession: Weapons crafter.
Skill: Enjoys crafting melee weapons such as vibroblades.
Place of Birth: Naar Shadda
Height: 6'4"
Age: 34
Eye Colour: Brown
Affiliation: Criminal/Hutt
Preferred beverage: Sullustan Wine

Biography: Vaynard was born the son of the great thief, Jyrathio Kurrigan. When Vaynard was very young, his father was foolish enough to steal from a very powerful Naar Shadda politician. Jyrathio was then sentenced to a lifetime of imprisonment in the spice mines of Kessel, leaving Vaynard to live with a group of Devaronian war veterans.
Under the tutelage of these Devaronians, he learnt how to fight and how to craft deadly melee weapons like vibroblades
During his juvenile years, Vaynard was very aggresive and bitter. He was constantly getting in trouble with authorites for streetfighting and for selling illegal weapons. He actually lost a piece of his Lekku during one of his streetfights with a massive Gammorean.
Vaynard was forced to leave Nar Shaada when he accidentally killed a Gran during one of his bloody brawls.
It is now believed that he is currently hiding in Tatoine, selling vibroblades to Bounty Hunters and Mercanaries. Over the past few years however, he has occasionally been spotted on Bespin. He tries to keep a low profile, however he is prone to fits of rage and often gets into fights at the local cantinas.
He is somewhat indifferent the Glactic Civil War, but he wouldn't mind selling his weapons to the Rebels, if the price was right.
He one day hopes to free his father from Kessel and to settle down in a nice resort world like Ithor with his father.

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