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The Spear stops, with the cruiser about 10 feet off the starboard side.
*shiirow, prepare for combat, get ready*

"bevel, report to the starboard docking attachment."

*bevel moves to the attachment, with daeken waiting.*

*Punches bevel in the stomach*

"Don't ever mock my ship again, is that clear?"

Groaning, he responds, "Sir, yes Sir!"

The rest of the group approaches one by one, and then a panel slides out from the wall, containing 5 pairs of data goggles. Daeken puts a pair on.

"Put those on, you'll need em."

The door buy the attachment slides open, and a covered walkway extends out.

Daeken walks to the end, and picks up a welder at the end of the ramp.

"Ordoe, Shiirow, take point."

Daeken welds a hole in the wall of the ship, and then puts it away.

"Well, here goes nothing, get ready."

Daeken kicks the metal-

Gain-1000 XP You do not advance another level! I will come up with the next mission in a while.

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