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Dedicated Server

I have the same problem that has been mentioned here. I have set my server up in the DMZ of my linksys router. I see it listed on the internet servers screen on another computer in my LAN. People from the internet connect, but get disconnected after about 60 seconds or so. If I connect to my server from my other computer, the ping rates of other people fluctuate rapidly (from -1 to 300+) then they disappear.

I have built the server on both Windows 2000 Server and XP Professional and both perform the same. The computer is a 1.5GHz w/256 MB RAM. The performance monitor only sees 0.05% network utilization and only 10-20% processor utilization.

Is the cable connection not fast enough for dedicating?
Do I need to forward the requests AS WELL as put the computer in the linksys DMZ?
Is the linksys router causing the delay?

Any help would be appreciated in this matter. Thanks.

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