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I'm used to seeing this line coming from people who are waiting to duel on FFA servers. But lately I've noticed more and more people using force powers to attack people or throw them off ledges, and even turning their saber off in the midst of a fight and running while punching their "S4B3R 0FF = P34C3!!" hotkeys.

What's really laughable is that after killing them I'm often the recipient of ">WTF u r ghey my saber was down you ****ing **** lamer", and sometimes they'll spend minutes at a time flaming away.

It's always been my opinion that someone loses the "peace" privilege when they use force powers to attack someone, and that turning saber off in the midst of a fight and expecting a clean getaway is ridiculous.

Generally speaking: I don't attack people who are just standing there with saber down doing nothing, or waiting for duels, or typing. I do kill people who stand around drop-offs waiting to push or grip people off as they run past(ie, near the ysalamir on ffa_deathstar); I do kill people who run into a crowd with saber off to get off a backsweep and then turn it off again; I do kill people who try to push people into garbage crushers and similar traps; and not only do I throw a saber into the undefended ass of someone who suddenly kills his saber in a fight and spams "S4B3R 0FF = P34C3!!" while running away, but I'm gonna laugh like crazy while doing so too.

So, am I just being a jackass here, or does anyone agree?
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