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I won't attack a person if they bow, I don't mess with people waiting for their turn or just watching a duel, or are in a corner "afk", but putting your saber down in the middle of a fight is pretty damn stupid, and if you get killed you deserved it.

/edit that was not a flame at the above reply, Burner made a good point about having to be aware of the other players.

Putting your saber down and running away for health pretty much puts a "bounty" on your head as far as I am concerned. When players do this to me, I pretty much go after them exclusively for the rest of the game.

As far as attacking players with their sabers down who are on their way to the "duel part" of the FFA map, it all depends on their behavior. If they have never attacked a player on their way there, I leave them alone. If I see them fighting throughout the entire map, they are fair game, saber or no saber.

The "chat icon shield" can be pretty annoying too. I see players all the time stop in the middle of their opponents swing and start typing "hp? They get hit, die and then flame away "type killer!

You want to type, go to spec mode or find an isolated room/corner that is not directly in the path of other players.

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