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Legends of the Spam

Chapter Three: The Fall

A withered old man sitting in a dark corner slams his drink down on his table

Yer darn right everything seemed well! There was a new hope in the kingdom, whispers of a lone hero that could salvage all that was lost in the mighty flood. Rhett spoke well of that hero. His name was Eets.

He fought alongside his brave comrades during the Flood, saving helpless children from being swept along by horrible spam tides. Gallantly, he and his sword destroyed all the spam that stood in his way.

In light of his good deeds, the kingdom of GeeBee decided to nominate Eets also in the race to become the new king.

But alas. Even during peaceful times, there are threats of war, dreams of power.

The mighty wizard Young David devised a powerful construct that would bring peace to the kingdom, a mighty devise that would be used to educate the people. Eets learned of this device, and though a good soldier, a valiant man... The dark side of this device corrupted him.

Eets used this ancient weapon for terror, bringing darkness and corruption upon the people of GeeBee. Spam flew here and there, wickedness abounded.

Finally, Sherack, Rhett, and Leon vanquished the Tell You I Will thread. Eets had tried to defend himself, but failed. That is, until he created the 3.01 device.

*the old man leans into the light to reveal a withered, tired old face.*

That device... Was evil. Look at my face! Look at how the spam corrupts the very soul! Tormenting the very person who wielded it so long ago...

*drops his head to the table in sorrow and shame*

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