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Chapter 6: The Future?

*gets up painfully from his chair, revealing his wooden leg, and rejoins his friends of old, limping badly*

Alas, Rhett! If you indeed speak the truth, than I fear for us all! For when Viper shall have consummed all that once was land of the jkiiites, he shall move on to its next target... GeeBee Dotcom!

~Nervous whispers were heard throughout the crowd~

'Tis will be a long and bloody battle, I am sure. We are getting old and crippled by age... nevertheless, I know that the heroes of GeeBee will stand forth and protect what they believe in. New heroes shall arise, as well... who knows? Maybe some of them are already here, listening to our wise words silently.

Be wary! For the threat of Spam is ever present in the world... It will never be completely eradicated. Although Viper himself was banished from this land long ago, not all of his minions were. Maybe some of them are already here, spies of the dark disguised as regular forummites.

*throws a suspicious look at the crowd*

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