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Name : Tarin Daan

Age : 25

Gender : Male

Species : Human

Occupation : Assassin and occasional thief

Home Planet : Coruscant

Appearence : Tarin is about 5'10" tall and fairly slim. He always wears dark coloured clothes, and is almost never seen without a serious expression on his face, which often makes him look older than he is. His hair is a dark brown, kept short, and his eyes are a piercing grey-blue. He is considerably stronger than his appearence suggests, but prefers to avoid violence for the most part. He is fairly quiet (possibly a result of losing his father at a young age), and tends not to strike up conversations.

Bio : Highly intelligent and partially Force-sensitive, he was briefly trained as a Jedi in his early years until his father was murdered, at which point he lost faith in the Jedi and the Force, and left his training to seek revenge on the one who killed his father.

Weapons : One orange-bladed lightsaber (a remainder of his time training as a Jedi), a custom vibro-knife, a Tenloss DX-6 Disruptor rifle, an SD-77 sonic pistol, and an assortement of small explosive devices. He also usually carries a small range of security-related equipment, used mainly to bypass high-tech anti-intruder systems and avoid detection.

Vehicles : One slightly modified E-Wing fighter which he is overly attached to, and anything else he cares to steal at the time... (his security knowledge comes in very handy then...)

It'll do for now

[edit: updated]

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