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Chapter Ten: An Innocents Deceit

*But knowing that Viper's agents are masters of deception, he collected himself and asked the following question..*

Tell me, master Sadauker.... If you truly are the master of this house as you claim to be... What is the name of that fine young lad standing over there?

Rhett turns and points at the boy that had brought them all there*

"Well how should I know what some strange boys name is? I've never seen him before in my life", Sadauker responded.

Interesting. Well let's see what the boy has to say about that.

*Rhett turns around to call the boy over ... but the boy was gone!*

*Seconds later a small creature jumped from a nearby tree and dealt a crashing blow to the back of Eets' head. It then light out a hideous shriek of a laugh*

"Fools!", the creature yelled at the townsfolk in a high pitched squealing voice. "Is there no end to your stupidity?". I was the little innocent child who brought you all here. That old man is not Sadauker, he is but my servant, krkode!. I am Sadauker[/b]! And now, you shall all DI.....

*His sentence was cut short by the blade of Havoc's sword*

"This partie's over", says Havoc.

*seeing that his master had fallen, krkode transformed back into the spammish, winged creature he truly was and took flight to his supreme master's far away land. To tell him of the re-discovery of this land that he had long sought vengeance on, and of the existence of the old warriors who had vanquished him so very long ago. His master would be pleased*

*Rhett and everyone else run to Eets to tend to his wounds*

"He will be alright", Sherack finally spoke.

*A sigh of relief spread through the people*

"Good, now we must quickly prepare for the long journey", Rhett said. "Have some of the faster men run back to town and fetch some torches and salted meats. Havoc, you will be our scout. Run on ahead and keep sight of that flying devil. We'll meet up with you at the Gap of Tungoska later. We must all set out tonight if we wish to catch krkode before he alerts his master, Viper. If we are to win this war, we must have surprise as our ally."
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