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*Cracken smiled at the head of a large conference table. Kuat's representitives sat, sullen, and depressed. A good half was missing. The ones that died in the attack on the Capital city, or the ones that managed to escape to... well, no matter.*
Cracken: so, gentlemen, the treaty is complete then? please, come here, and sign.
*Cracken motioned them to come forward, and they each signed the document. The official surrendure of Kuat and her shipyards. Cracken nodded to his aide, and she left, to inform his commanders of the order. To make the ship yards to produce Imperial Fighters and capital ships immediatly. *

Cracken: well, good day gentlemen, you shall be escorted back to Kuat. *Cracken waved to his pilots, who headed to his fighters. The representitives left with them.*

Cracken: Tojo.
Tojo: yessir?
Cracken: Launch fighters in a defensive patrol formation. Tell them to look for... anything unsual. However, they are not to engage. They are to report the location of thier sighting.
General Handel, we are expecting one visitor, make sure he makes it to my chambers. I will ready the..... welcome.
*The officers nodded, and exited. Cracken headed to his chambers, for meditation on the upcoming encounter. He was here, in the system.

Outside the Crimson Star, fighters began pouring out, setting up a defensive grid around the super structure.*

*Meanwhile, in a distant place in teh galaxy, a planet designated NR-3100843, an Imperial surgeon began to operate, his intent to plant a cybernetic conrtol system into a person...... for his Emperor.....*

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