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I'm a duelist. Even on the damned FFAs most of my kills are racked up from duels. So yeah, I'm an avid follower of the sabers down = peace. Don't get me wrong, if I join a server that doesn't say to follow the sabers down rule, then I expect no quarter to be given. It's always been my philosophy that you follow the server's rules. There's a server out there for every kind of game. People connect to each unique server to play the kind of game they want to. This makes things more enjoyable for everybody. If the server doesn't specify sabers down, then cauterize and anally rape every single player out there to your heart's content regardless of their saber status. But if the server says sabers down, you better damned well follow it.

Just tonight I had fun dealing with two seperate guys on the nice people only server. A few of us were messing around in the Death Star map by those buttons for the garbage masher and superlaser. We had two guys that would just come barelling at all the players with sabers down, and they charged me. I didn't even have to tell the other guys what to do. I gripped the bastard, dragged him to the laser spot, and one of the other guys promptly hit the button. They didn't learn either. They came right back to us and tried it again, and I made it my personal mission to dedicate the whole game to cheaply gripping the fags and sticking em' in the masher or laser. It's so fun screwing with the simple-minded.

Not that I normally chill by all the level traps with sabers down to score some free kills on the unawares. I've just been known from time to time to be the personal satan of people who disregard the rules on that server. I agree though, I can't stand the people who abuse the sabers down rule expecting to ditch in the middle of a fight to power back up, or to trick people into kills. They definately lose their sabers down rights. That rule was originally intended for the masses of people you'll sometimes get waiting for the duels. The abusers are just as bad as the ones who don't follow the rule in the first place.

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