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"You are unwise to lower your defenses"

That is what I say to anyone who calls me on killing them after they put their saber down. It even says in my name Darth, indicating that I am a Sith. Would a Sith Lord sit back when somebody lowers their saber? Look what happened to Obi Wan!

When somebody bows and I am close enough I will take a swipe at them if I think it will be to my advantage. If you lower your saber I'm gonna kill you, I don't care if you're talking. For all I know you just pressed enter to so you would appear to be talking while your mana charges up.

I don't whine about it when it happens to me either, don't whine about anything you wouldnt do yourself. I fully expect people to kill me when I'm vulnerable, especially if they are dark side users.

If somebody bows out of feasable range I will usually respond with a taunt (I use the darth vader model so his taunt). When asked why I don't bow I usually reply with "Sith don't bow"

And also I play by my rules. If I join a server and they tell me not to do the above I'm going to do it until I am kicked. But I won't lie to server admin, I'd tell him straight up "You're gonna have to kick me cause this is how I play"
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