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There's not a patch in the world that will remove the "vstr" command. It's part of the engine thusly part of the game.

Note: How do you think you can turn your saber off and on with the same button? The game writers most likely used the vstr from the Q3 engine command to do it.

Those who consider scripting as cheating better get used to it because most likely it will not leave this game nor any others using Q3's engine.

Scripting can come in handy for other aspects in the game that's not considered cheating.

I.e. Here's a script so you don't have to exit the game (Q3) to answer a pesky AIM or IRC message. Goes from fullscreen to windowed view(Possibly works in JKII:JO - NOT TESTED)
// Fullscreen / Windowed Quake
set FW vstr FW1
set FW1 "r_fullscreen 0; vid_restart; set FW vstr FW2"
set FW2 "r_fullscreen 1; vid_restart; set FW vstr FW1"
bind F12 vstr FW

And here's another for Q3 that makes you walk without holding the walk button if always run is enabled, or reversed if always run is disabled (Also may work for JKII:JO - NOT TESTED
// Run / Walk Toggle
bind SPACE toggle cl_run

I used those 2 examples of "Light Side" scripting. Remember, scripting is part of any Q3 engine based game. Get used to it.
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