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And also I play by my rules. If I join a server and they tell me not to do the above I'm going to do it until I am kicked. But I won't lie to server admin, I'd tell him straight up "You're gonna have to kick me cause this is how I play"
I dont think you quite understand. Playing on any of these servers is not a right, it's a privilege. Sure, they're public, but that only extends so far. The owners of these servers have plunked down their hard earned cash to build and host (or rent, in some cases) these servers, and in return, they may or may not expect certain rules to be observed. Perhaps they created the server for the very purpose of playing by those rules? (KnightHawks, for one...)

Saying "Well this is how I play" is just fine. But you can play elsewhere without being kicked, there's no need to stay and piss everyone off. They came into those servers to avoid people who dont play a certain way, and although you may not agree with that, you dont need to barge in and disrupt things.

I dont think Sith Warriors idea of being evil and power hungry was to break video game server rules. They seemed above that sort of thing.

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