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That's the plan... showing these scripts so people see what they are complaining about... show them how stupid they are for making a big deal out of em.

But this one should make alot of people mad.

Spin attack while backstabing. This script will spin you around while you backstab. I suggest leaving your attack on med or heavy stance. Once you start the backstab move, hit this key (whatever you bound it to) and hit it again to make yourself stop. It's a toggle, best way to make it so that you have some control over the spin. This doesn't make you backstab or anything, you have to do that yourself... just hit it when you are starting the backstab.

set spinmove "vstr spin"
set spin "seta cl_yawspeed "3000"; +left; set spinmove vstr normal"
set normal "seta cl_yawspeed "140"; -left; set spinmove vstr spin"

bind X "vstr spinmove"

This will spin you around, and with luck and practice you can hit bout 5 times. Normally one backstab would kill you, this is just over kill. If any script could be considered cheating, this would be the closest one, i would think. I still believe it's no big deal considering if you are being backstabbed you are pretty much dead anyways.

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