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Name: Thew Rydur
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Profession: Bounty Hunter then a Jedi (hopefully)
Height: 5'11"
Age: 34
Eye Colour: Blue
Weapons: two blue-bladed lightsabres of different lengths, two blaster pistols, projectile rifle, three thermal detonators, and a small vibro-blade.
Appearance: Brown, short hair, tight gray shirt and light chest armor with a black vest over it, black pants with some leg armour.
Bio: His parents were craftsmen on Naboo. His Uncle (whos name was also Thew Rydur) was a Jedi Knight. He began to teach Thew the ways of the Force as the Empire took control of the galaxy. Unfortunately Thew's uncle was killed by an Imperial Jedi Hunter. Soon after his parents conscripted by the Empire because of their skill at making things. With no one left in his family Thew boarded a cruiser to Corellia. There he met a Bothan bounty hunter who took him as his apprentice. After learning everything he could Thew branched off on his own to start a career as a bounty hunter and avenge his family using his Jedi skills.

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