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Originally posted by Jevesus
to all that think jaradajs scripts are "cheats":

(please read slowly, and breathe and think in between sentences)

how hard do you think it is to manually do the moves that jaradajs scripts does automatically?


easy? pretty hard? hard? extremely hard?


personally, i'd go for "easy"? would you?




why is it such a big deal if something that is "easy" is automated in this fashion?
Good point.
Executing any of these moves is not difficult. The most complicated moves in the game require you to merely press three buttons in a row or two simultaneously.

But I think the point that many who are against scripts are trying to make, (but fail to do so because they seem more interested in insults and flames) is that a script designed to execute a simple move is not a big deal.
However, a script specifically designed to execute a move or a set of commands that's success depends solely on the rate of speed upon which the buttons are pressed is where the problem lies.

A perfect example is saber lock scripts. There is simply no way a human hand can press the primary attack button as fast as a script can execute the command.

Personally, I don't really have a problem with scripts. Most script users rely so heavily on their scripted moves that through the simple strategy of not going "head to head" with the scripted move, they are easily defeated.
That is my way, though. I simply deal with what is thrown at me. And as you know, that way is not the way the majority will look at things.

And I am sorry but comments like "Well bind x +taunt is a script, is that cheating?" is not a valid argument. It is pretty much like saying "Well technically it's not murder because he had inoperable Cancer."
You can "validate" any point through twisting of words to suit the situation.

These scripts are relatively simple, but as one, who has made scripts for this game, trust me when I say you can do much more with them.

This game is much more than the standard "point the mouse, push mouse1" type most first person shooters are.
And quite frankly reducing it to a game of who can write the best scripts would really be a shame.
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