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Originally posted by Homosexual Ewok

But I think the point that many who are against scripts are trying to make, (but fail to do so because they seem more interested in insults and flames) is that a script designed to execute a simple move is not a big deal.
However, a script specifically designed to execute a move or a set of commands that's success depends solely on the rate of speed upon which the buttons are pressed is where the problem lies.

A perfect example is saber lock scripts. There is simply no way a human hand can press the primary attack button as fast as a script can execute the command.
I completely agree.

I'm, like I've said, certainly no advocate of scripts that are borderline exploits, such as the no force sabre script.

What I am advocating is that players realize that scripts are not inherently and always bad. They are not. In this game it is particularly easy to make exploits via scripts, and that is the game designers fault. (Should've set yawspeed as a server-side variable and almost all _exploits_ I know of would be rendered useless)

A lot of players are afraid of the, upon first glance, frightening concept of "scripting" and rule it off as a form of cheating. They should instead of making extreme generalizations take the time to atleast understand the concept of scripting.

- Jevesus
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