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i agree here to.

On a side note, the saberlock script can't be done. Saberlokck requires you to hit attack rapidly. A script can't do that for you really, i mean it can. But there's no telling how long ht elock will be, so the script either ends short, or ends late. If it ends late you are stuck till the script finishes. If it ends short, you have to exec the script again.

I think the people who are winning these saberlocks are those with rabid fire options on thier mouse/controller/joystick.

If you are a scripter you would know what i'm tlaking bout. You can't bind something to a button that repeats. There's no command to repeat till something lese happens. It just keeps going till the script ends.

Only other way would be for a scripter to write a short rapid fire script and set it with a end msg so you know you have to exec it again. Been even then, the saberlock can end before the script does, and you will be stuck till the script ends.

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