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Originally posted by *Darth Vega*
And in FFA why should you care if you die anyways? Not like it counts against you.
It's the fact that I'm probably trying to duel someone. It get annoying when you run up to a guy, hit K, and just as he's preparing to accept your challenge some other dickwad comes running behind you and takes you down. By the time you respawn and go back to the guy, another pair of *******s have already initiated a duel of their own. I think it's more fun to duel in FFAs rather than the duel servers, though I frequent both about just the same. With the FFA duels you usually get a small crowd gathered around and it just seems more underground and fight clubbish.

I completely agree with some of the reasoning you anti-sabers down people have. A person shouldn't expect to be spared in the middle of a fight by shutting their saber off to run and health up. If anyone runs from me in a fight like that I chase their ass down. Doesn't matter what my HP is at, I finish a damn fight. If you can roll towards a powerup and health up in time then great. But once you initiate battle expect to be hunted down mercilessly. Sabers down isn't there for you to avoid getting killed at all costs. It was established so that you could duel unhindered in the damn FFAs. I wish someone would release something that allows more than one duel to be iniated at a time.

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