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Tarin had been watching the 'excitement' from the shadows near the bookstore when he saw a girl run inside and another person, seemingly a man, follow her. Being his usual inquisitive self, and having heard the shots earlier, he decided to follow them to find out what was happening - and hopefully, if he was lucky, there might be a job in it for him...

He moved swiftly to the entrance, and as he opened the door he almost walked into the second person that entered, who was midway through turning to face him. He acted quickly, and grabbed her arms to stop her from getting to a weapon (it was obvious now that she was not male).

She looked stunned, so he quickly said:

"I'm not going to hurt you - don't worry."

She looked slightly relieved, but her body stayed tense.

"I can help you lose those snipers - I'm in the business myself, so I know what they'll likely do - but we need to move quickly to get away from here."

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