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(OOS: First off, let me assure everyone, I didn't ever intend to go into God mode. That kind of thing bugs me to no end. Personally, if the Crimson Star hadn't been foretold and all that, I would have found that a stretch on fair practices. There just isn't much of a challenge when you go God. So please, rest assured. ::End OOS:

The Neo-Imperial team had found the planet just fine. It seems that Grand Admiral Thrawn had once again proved why he wasn't the Emporer and Palpatine was. And why someone named Cracken very well could become the next. They'd easily handled the insertion and replacement, none of these Kuatis had ever even seen the medical team on the planet, and the scientists there were the medical team, so things were going better than planned, as operations rarely do. But as every butter must have it's fly, so to must this one. (OOS again: sorry about the figure of speech guys... couldn't come up with one better on such short notice) For you see, where it was planned that where a complete trigger word/action mind control device, complete with neat little blinking light thingies would go, it was found that there was a significant amount of scar tissue--his record said that it was the result of a bad childhood incident with a blender. Rather traumatic. It was decided that reopening those wounds wouldn't be good for his psyche, so an alternate plan was used. Instead of being under Imperial mind control all the time with the big, bulky, Mind Controller 3000, they would downgrade to the thinner, cheaper 1500i, and only be able to control him when he was hacked into a computer system. Quite a trade for the price. Other than that small setback though, things went off rather smoothly. After explaining (using big-shot medical terminology and ignoring the whole mind-control thing) all this to his family and friends, the doctors made sure to download and send all research files to the Crimson Star, and then hypnotically induce the scientists into thinking that they had already performed the operation perfectly (through a little Force persuasion) and then left the planet aboard their cloaked yacht, safely avoiding the prying eyes of the Kuati fleet in orbit.

OOS even more: Hey guys, I'm used to posting more than this, but I was up at 6:30 this morning, and it's now 1:10 AM. So I'm a little tired, and my hands are starting to hurt. Hope that will be sufficient background on the plot twists and all, and be ready, for there are more to come in the next post, entitled The Training...

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