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Name : Marin [last name unknown]

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Species: Human (mutant)

Home Planet: Terra (near former New York, U.S. East Coast)

Description: Marin is about 5'4" tall in her normal form. She is fairly thin, with medium brown skin and darker brown straight, thick hair. She appears mostly normal at first glance, but she is anything but. First of all, she can naturally breathe water. In fact, she lives with her father (who has the same talent) in the ocean that is underneath New York in her dimension. But this isn't what makes her most unusual; besides being able to breathe underwater, she has the ability to shapeshift by touching a creature's skin and absorbing its essence. This ability is somewhat unpredictable; sometimes she can shift blindingly fast, (normally taking about two minutes but once did it in little over five seconds), and sometimes she can't do it at all (often at the worst possible times.)

Bio: [Withheld]

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