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okay, open up a text file.
Now, type this in exactly

set change1 "color1 1;;bind f12 vstr change2"
set change2 "color1 2;;bind f12 vstr change3"
set change3 "color1 3;;bind f12 vstr change4"
set change4 "color1 4;;bind f12 vstr change5"
set change5 "color1 5;;bind f12 vstr change1"
bind f12 vstr change1

now save it as "change.cfg" and put it in your JK II/base folder. I think, which ever folder has your jkiimpconfig.cfg file

Now in game, open up your console and type exec change.cfg

Now, whenever you want to change your saber color, just hit f12, and it will cycle through all the colors. Tap it to change color once, hold it down for a very quick cycle. Dont hold it down for more than a second or two, cause it cycles really quickly, and you will lag.

Likewise, you can make a bind to cycle through all the avaliable models.
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