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Jedi Under Fire - Interactive RPG

Welcome to Jedi Under Fire. Anyone who wants to join is welcome.

Here's the plot:

It's thousans of years after the galactic battles. The Jedi Council is ruling again. You're a young Jedi who just finished his training. For no particular reason, the Council calls you.

Council: "Greetings."
You: "Hi there."
Council: "Congratulation for your success in the training."
You: "Thank you, master."
Council: "Now, to our buisness."
You: " They never just chit-chat."
Council: "We heard there the Siths are gathering powers and planning on building a special sith unit for hunting down Jedis on missions. So, were now sending a team of 5-10 young Jedis to stop it. They'll have unlimited supplyments and guidelines. Want to join the team?
You: "Sounds sweet, but I'm not sure."
Council: "OK, we'll find someone else"
You: "I'll take it!"
Council: "Good luck on your way. you're gonna need it."

Sign up forum:

Name: ~The character's name~
Age: ~18-25~
Sex: ~Male/Female~
Looks: ~How the character looks~
Personality: ~What your character like~
Master: ~The one who trained the character~
Lightsaber color: ~Blue, green, purple, or anything that isn't red~
Specialism: ~Can be a Force power, or something like flying or pod racing~
Background: ~A little bit of history~
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