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*Starr's eyes clear and he looks somewhat apologetically at Flax* I saw my father's dying words on the holo recording of the day Cracken murdered them. He said that it would be his son who would destroy Cracken's apprentice, and who would lead others to cause his downfall. The Sith has been trying to intimidate me in visions, but those visions themselves will lead us to him. Flax and Odin, without your presence Deac will not survive. *Starr looks a little embarrassed at the presumptuousness of his words, but he continues anyway*

Deac, I don't think your trap will work...but that isn't the only way...


*The mighty Imperial Star Destroyer exits hyperspace, on a vector heading at full speed directly for the Crimson Star. Holocams on it connect directly to Deac's ship*

*Inside the core of Crimson Star, Termand Rwos attaches his fighter to the outside of the Super Star Destroyer, in a place his scanners suggest is outside a corridor that leads a winding path to the command chambers of the ship. He burns his way in with his laser weapons, flies in, and seals the crack shut again, keeping his cloaking device up at maximum to avoid detection.*

((OOS note: Rwos did this before in a Cantina thread...except he punctured the hole with the nose of his fighter, not a very stealthy thing to do ))

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