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*On the bridge, sensors picked up the Star Destroyer*
Admiral, we have one Star Destroyer on collision course!
Tojo:Fire the superlaser, and shoot it down!
But sir, it's not fully char....
I don;t care. It will send a message though to anyone stupid enough to try this again. DO IT.
*The mighty station turned, just enough so he Superlaser was withing range. Green points formed along teh superlaser dish, and a mighty bold streaked from it. It hit the Star Destroyer, but it did not vaoprize it. Instead, sinc ethe blast was not even half charged, it fragmented into 3 sections. As they headed for teh station, the turbolaser batteries opened fire, trying to destroy the remaining pieces still headed for the station. 2 were destroyed, however one got through. It slammed into the shields, then tractor beams pushed it away. not a scratch. TO destroy it, a team would need to be inside the Crimson Star.

Meanwhile, Rwos was in the corridors of the Titan. This was too easy.. not one guard.......*

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