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the spinning move in in this thread already. Look again. And scripting doesn't take long. i wrote that spin move in 3 min, tested it in 3 games, and tweaked it once. It's just a mind set.


thanks for the bump. It's spelled G-A-Y. Guess people in florida can't spell. It's cool, we will be here to correct ya.

Anyone wanna try this one?

set fdkick "+forward; +moveup; wait; -moveup; wait2; +moveup;wait; -moveup"
set kdfa "+attack; -attack; wait 15; +forward; +attack; +moveup; wait 5; -attack; -forward; -moveup"
set combo1 "vstr fdkick; vstr kdfa"

bind X "vstr combo1"

this sets 2 variable to seperate names, then combines them into one variable so it can be bout to a key. If this works you could in theory make a script of nothing put chopped up little moves, then combine them using thier variable names (quicker to refer to). This could make simple combos, kinda like lego blocks. Each block is a special move. You combine each block to make something.

This one does a double kick (when enemy is in front of you), then on the backflip it'll do a dfa to hit them while on the ground. DFA code is Sn1PeR's from earlier in the thread.

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