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Re: Man.....

Originally posted by Diago
Ok , you scripters are ghey. Seriously ghey. Obviosly you couldn't get half the kills normally without em. Enjoy those semi cheats ppl because its gonna be gone soon I know it. I've already seen a no script server. And don't gimme that "its in the game" crap. If they are so easy to do then you could just get rid of your scripts right? Oh and it is cheating when you can script a spin to a degree that is humanly impossible with a mouse and sensitivity all the way up. Someone please make a SW Tactical shooter mod out of this game I am so tired of all the gayberists and I wanna play what Staw Wars is all about.

P.S. Talk all you want but there are 2 times when I get killed and I don't consider it anything at all, when a bot kills me and when a scripter kills me. Get some game ppl.
No script server? Not possible. Scripts are binds. You cannot block key binding in the Quake 3 engine.

Please do go back to 1337 speaking trash of the Counter-Strike world; your presence is really not wanted here.
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