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Yah know I would really love a mod thats so complete and has everything love in it, so we can play with all the cool stuff, not just one of them multiplayer. I think I speak for everyone when the majority of the stuff when want ( and yes i realize some of it is hard, and yes Im trying to learn to do some myself, I want to help but Ima newb)

Double bladed light saber, with new stances perhaps? And also don't let the lightsaber stick thru your body

Dual light sabers, another new stance perhaps?

The cool moves, like the backflip instead of back roll, some sort of cool front flip move instead of front roll and the really cool arial cartwheels instead of side rolls, but without the slides.

Also perhaps a way to duel 2 on 1 or 2 on 2 things like that You know we all want to re-enact Darth Maul Vs Qui Gon and Obi

I mean seriously guys Imagine one really strong guy fighting with a dual sided saber vs 2 guys... or even 1 guy wielding 2 sabers, There are so many possibilities for this game. If we all pull together and make one GOOD mod it could overrun the regular version and would be sooooooo much more fun! Lets do it guys! Heh Im all pumped up now I better stop before I get my hopes TO HIGH!

Good work though Tck and everyone else who has contributed even the slighest bit, I thank all of you!
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