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((OOS: To carry the story along a little further, and organize the story's information a little better...I am going to introduce a new character; he won't be a Wraith, but he can carry along the plot if needed ))

*a young Twi'lekk walks up behind Orthos and Raschel. He breaks the tension of the moment by exclaiming delightedly*

"Raschel! So it is you! I was hoping it would be!"

*Raschel, startled, turns around then recognizes the pastel green Twi'lekk* "Subari! It's been forever!"

*Subari grins* "Yes it has! I was convinced the Impies would've got you by now! Then out of the blue you show up in one of my assigned squadrons!"

*Raschel smiles* "Such is chance, friend. How do you come to be here?"

*Subari* "Well, I'm working the security department and the intelligence department mostly, as well as a little of everything else. Your squadron is already quite a special case, you know. You started out with just eight pilots, and on your first mission (which was a plum one I might add, despite the danger involved) you're now down to six."

*Raschel's eyes widen* "What...happened?"

*Subari* "Pilot Dios arrived late at the fight...which means she landed right in the mess of Imps that you guys deserted, with an Interdictor there. She never reported back in. Pilot Jekari's fighter was apparently damaged, and we don't know if she escaped or not. She hasn't reported back in, making them both MIA, probably dead. Another pilot, Kyle d'Tana, got stranded back at base when his X-Wing's R4 unit went a little nutty. I heard yours did, too...glad to see you're okay. Hey, I need to find your squadron leader, Loran. Any idea where he is?"

*Raschel* "In Got anything else you need to break to him?"

*Subari, nervously, but not slowing his pace* Well, hey, see...I don't know where his office is. Hey, I know, you can show me to it in exchange for me letting you know what else is up. *before she can protest* How bout your friend can come, too. *motions to Orthos; Raschel decides not to argue* Your whole squadron might be grounded temporarily. Someone messed with your fighters' laser cannons...we know Pilot Jeraki did something to them; we don't know what, yet. And several of your astromechs have had unusual problems. We don't know if that was sabotage or just plain bad luck. Plus there's been intelligence leaks galore about secret information on the members of this squadron. Let me tell you, Raschel, it's almost as if there's someone who doesn't want this squadron staying together." *they reach Garik Loran's office*

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