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Name: Ad'Ul Koon
Age: 24

Species: Kel Dor
Homeworld: Dorin

Proffesion: Jedi Knight
Master: Plo Koon (His Father)
Skills: Excellent with his Force Powers, Superb Acrobatics and Reflex's and Unmatchable Lightsaber Skills
Weapon: Yellow and Orange Lightsaber's

Height: 1.98 Meters
Weight: 124kg
Apperance: Very much like his father Plo Koon, except that his mouth's tusk or spike tings that hang out the bottom are a little longer, his skin is darker orange and the back of his head the skin isnt rolled up like leia's hair it is let out like tentacles. Ad'Ul wears a black jedi robe.

Personalitty: Ad'Ul is a very dark seeming person. Barely speaks of anything that has no importance, always likes to keep focus on everything he does. Takes being a Jedi NO.1 prioity concentraiting on training putting everyhitng aside to get time to train extra. seems to border on the edge of the dark side, put swears to remain pure of heart at all times.

Ad'Ul Koon was born on his home planet Dorin. As soon as Ad'Ul was born he was taken through the system to Coruscant to be trained as a Jedi Knight. The reason of Ad'Ul being noticed at such a soon point, is his father being one of the masters on the Jedi Council Plo Koon, along with Mace Windu, Yoda, Adi Gallia and and many others. Plo Koon would Train EVERY chance he could ALL his free time he would not socialise ONLY train. Being his son, Plo Koon would train Ad'Ul Koon every chance he had and took his son as a padawan. Ad'Ul Koon's excesive training led to him being an Outcast in school. He has no friends except the Jedi he has worked with.
At the age of 16 Ad'Ul graduated to a Jedi Knight. Many things happen at an early age for Ad'Ul. The reason for his early graduation is because as explained, ALL he would do is train! that led to many good things for him, but one bad. Ad'Ul has slowly but surley started slowly falling to the dark. Always bordering the different side's Ad'Ul keeps true to the lightand will always fight for good.
Ad'Ul SOON hopes to be one of the Jedi Council members.

Recent Events of Ad'Ul's life:
Ad'Ul is now undergoing test's to become a Jedi Master and get on the Jedi Council. With his father thinking of leaving the Council, Master Mace Windu has sworn for Ad'Ul to take the position of Plo Koon. Ad'Ul has been sent on many missions since his graduation to Jedi Knight.

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