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Yes, Star Trek has more movies and it also is a tv show but do you really think that those movies and tv shows are even near half the quality and greatness that any of the Star Wars movies are? And Star Wars has alot more than just a few books.

Lucas or Roddenbary?

Both are crackpots who hit the jackpots.
However, Lucas at least went on to make other good movies.

Kirk or Luke?

Luke has force powers, a hot sister, and a lightsaber.

Kirk has herpes. You decide.

Spock or Solo?

Spock has pointy ears, no emotions and prefers to touch instead of just blasting enemies.

Solo shoots enemies, has emotions, "big plus",
has the Millenium Falcon, is incredably lucky, great aim, has a hot whife, luke skywalker is his best friend, and he has chewy for extra protection.

In conclusion, How could you possibly think That the Star Trek movies are even CLOSE to being as good as Star Wars? You think Quantity beats out quality? That's so funny it's laughable.

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