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Um...Roddenberry wrote novels?
Anyways, Trek doesnt compare to Star Wars.
Yes I like Star Trek, but it doesnt even come close to the grandure that is Star Wars! Lets look, shall we?

Trek: soon to be ten movies-four of which don't suck.
Wars: soon to be five movies- one of which sucks, but is still better than half the Trek movies that dont suck, and is just as good, if not better than the other two remaining.

Trek- Has soon to be five T.V shows. However, they repeat the same episode, just with a different crew, several times, and they always win by reconfiguring something. Just once I wanna hear Data say "You know what? We're screwed!" And if you took all the shows and put them together, only half of them wouldn't suck.
Wars: doesn't have a tv show (unless you wanna count that old cartoon) but it is rumored that there may be one after Ep. III is released, which will, in no way, suck.

Trek: Has gobs of novels, but none on the scale of any of the Wars novels. 1 star wars novel = 3 Trek novels story wise. Again, they rehash a lot of the same stuff over again, but just put a different twist on it.
Wars: even the worst of them still can kick butt over a lot of the Trek ones, just because Wars is a better story a lot of the time.

Trek: Every game, with the exception of Elite Force, has sucked...big time.
Wars: Even the worst Wars game has still kicked butt over 99% of the Trek ones.

Trek: When in need of a plot (especially T.V show final episodes), use time travel and screw up the continuity even more to the point it makes everyone sick.
Wars: No time travel, because the plot kicks so much butt it doesnt need to travel back in time for the hundreth time just to have a somewhat interesting story where an older version of a character meets the younger...again.

Wars: Vong
Ok, so far they tie here, but Wars still has the chance to save itself from dragging a good story out to the point of becoming crap. (Last season of DS9)

Trek: Enterprise(all of them), The Defiant
Wars: The Executor, The Falcon...etc.
They all kick butt.

Trek: Shatner
Wars: Ahmed Best, Jake Lloyd
ok, so they tie here too.

Well, I could go on and on, but I think it is clear that Wars beats out Trek. Thank you, and goodnight.
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